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History and Characteristics

  The original purpose of founding the Department was to incubate talented researchers in the field of material science, including material design, manufacturing and research. The history of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering could be traced back to the former Department of Electrochemistry followed by the Department of Mining & Metallurgy, the Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, and the Department of Materials Engineering. It was then renamed and settled as the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 1992. In the academic year of 2012, our Department was integrated with the School of Nanotechnology and Micro-System Engineering in the College of Engineering to expand our faculty members and research areas. Over the years, owing to the hard work of faculty members and the students, our researches and accomplishments have always been in the top tier in material science field in Taiwan. Our research achievements are outstanding not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality. Therefore, we have won the competition of Top Department in NCKU in two consecutive years. We have received three National Projects sponsored by the National Science Council out of a total of six in NCKU. We also received one out of the three Academic Science Projects sponsored by the Ministry of Economy Affairs (MOEA) in NCKU. We will continue to make our contributions to NCKU as well as the industries in the south of Taiwan.

 The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has good learning environment and comprehensive faculty members. Our research fields include advanced materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, polymer materials, composite materials, optoelectronic and electronic materials, biomedical materials, energy materials, magnetic materials, high-temperature superconducting materials, surface treatment technologies, advanced characterization technologies, and computer-aid material science.    


     Breakthroughs in science and technology often are in connection with the development, testing and improvement of new materials. Material science has been regarded by the government and industries as key and fundamental science for all engineering technologies and industries. It is an interdisciplinary study of physics, chemistry and mathematics, while keeping fundamental theories and engineering applications tie in. As a result, material science is very important in the development of various industries. In responding to the fast changing trend of international or domestic industries while maintaining NCKU’s goal of becoming the top world university, our Department will continue to carry out measures of curriculum reform, facility improvement and internationalization to cultivate students with more excellent skills and technology needed by future materials fields and industries and keep abreast of standards of top educational institutes and research units in the future.