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Job Title Professor and Chairman, Director(International Curriculum for Advanced Materials Program) Changshu Kuo
Research Expertise
  • Electrospun Inorganic/Composite Nanofibers
  • Light Scattering and Harvesting
  • Optical-Fiber-Based Spectroscopy
  • Janus Particle (Asymmetric Nanomaterials)
  • Confined Particle Self-Assembly
  • Plasma Surface Modification
  • Plasma Synthesis/Polymerizations
  • Energetic Molecules
  • Scanning Thermal Lithography
  • In-situ Surface Thermal Analysis
Phone 62946
E-mail changshu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://lncmmsencku.blogspot.tw/p/home.html
Job Title Chair Professor Jow-Lay Huang
Research Expertise
  • The fabrication, development and application of ceramic nanocomposites.
  • Piezo-phototronic thin films for photodetector devices.
  • Piezoelectric thin films for high frequency devices.
  • Metal oxide/graphene and SiCx nanocomposites are as anode materials for lithium-ion battery.
  • 2D nanocrystal materials for photoelectrochemical application.
Phone 06-2348188
E-mail jlh888@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://web.mse.ncku.edu.tw/~ceramics/
Job Title Chair Professor Kwang-Lung Lin
Research Expertise
  • Microelectronics Interconnect: Solder (flip chip, BGA, 3D IC microbump), Wire Bond (Cu wire, Ag Wire, Au Wire), Carbon Nanotube
  • Electromigration/Thermomigration/Interfacial Reaction/Wettability
  • Development of Low/High temperature Pb-free solder 
Phone 62929
E-mail matkllin@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://packagemaster62929.wixsite.com/electronicpackaging
Job Title Distinguished Professor Truan-Sheng Lui
Research Expertise
  • Material mechanical properties
  • aerospace materials
  • solidification growth and process
Phone 62931
E-mail luits@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://web.mse.ncku.edu.tw/~cllab/
Job Title Distinguished Professor In-Gann Chen
Research Expertise
  • Development and applications of high temperature superconducting materials
  • Processing techniques for optoelectronics and nano-materials
  • Carbothermic Reduction of Iron Ore
Phone 062763741
E-mail ingann@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Job Title Distinguished Professor Jyh-Ming Ting
Research Expertise
  • Nano carbon
  • 1D nanomaterials
  • materials for thin film solar cells
  • high thermal conductivity materials
  • solar absorbers
  • thin film processing
  • super-capacitors.
Phone 62949
E-mail jting@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Job Title Distinguished Professor Jiunn-Der Liao
Research Expertise
  • cell-surface interactions
  • plasma generation
  • plasma diagnoses
  • plasma physics and chemistry
  • micro-contact imprinting
  • synchrotron–based and laboratory-based high resolution analyses.
Phone 62971
E-mail jdliao@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Job Title Distinguished Professor Jen-Sue Chen
Research Expertise
  • Thin Film Transistors
  • Light Gating Transistors
  • Resistance Switching RAMs
  • Charge Trapping Memory
  • Impedance Spectroscopy on Electronic Devices
Phone 62948
E-mail jenschen@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Job Title Distinguished Professor Chuan-Pu Liu
Research Expertise
  • Piezotronics and Nanogenerators
  • Thermoelectric Devices Based On Nanowires Sensors
  • Lithion Ion Battery
  • Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • TEM atomic scaled imaging and modeling
E-mail cpliu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://web.mse.ncku.edu.tw/~nanosemi/
Job Title Distinguished Professor Steve Lien-chung, Hsu
Research Expertise
  • Polymer synthesis
  • polymers for optoelectronic applications
  • high-temperature polymers
  • polymer nanocomposites
  • proton exchange membranes for fuel cells
  • polymer solar cells.
Phone 62904
E-mail lchsu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://pmlab2014.wixsite.com/pmlab2014
Job Title Professor Chien-Ping Ju
Research Expertise
  • Composites
  • friction material
  • bio-medical materials
E-mail cpju@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Job Title Professor Fung, Kuan-Zong
Research Expertise
  • Ionic conductor, solid state ionic devices
  • Materials for LI/Na/Mg Batteries, HT Fuel Cells
  • Environmental protection materials
Phone 62903
E-mail z8702009@email.ncku.edu.tw
Personal Web Site http://web.mse.ncku.edu.tw/~kzfung/
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