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Curriculum Planning

The Department curriculum covers the area of fundamental science and engineering applications. In addition to the fundamental courses for undergraduate students of College of Engineering, we also offer “Introduction to Quantum Physics” and “Introduction to Organic Chemistry”. Material Science related curriculum includes “Introduction to Material Science”, “Engineering Mechanics of Materials”, “Thermodynamics of Materials”, “Introduction to Crystallography and Diffraction”, “Crystal Structure and Defect”, “Introduction to Phase Transformation”, “Characterization of Materials”, “Transport Phenomenon”, and “Mechanical Properties of Materials”. Furthermore, we also offered courses such as Experiments, Thesis, and Seminars.


     For graduate students, other than the seminar courses required (pre-requisite for Master and PhD degree), we also offered a wide range of advanced material-related elective courses for students to enroll.

For more information on curriculum planning, please refer to the Department’s website:http://www.mse.ncku.edu.tw/