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Title 【2021 Spring Semester】Graduation Notice for Master Degree
Date 2021-06-09

Due to COVID-19, all the paper works takes longer than usual.
Please submit the documents as early as possible, because we could not know if the application could be approved before the defense date. (2 weeks before the defense date would be appropriate)

The examination shall be administered in a fair, impartial and open manner, and shall be both video- and audio-recorded, with the resulting files or tapes kept by the academic program office.



Defense Application/Graduation Notice

Master’s Degree


Before the Defense

  1. Print the “國立成功大學學生畢業資格審查表” and the transcript.
  2. Submit an originality comparison report (signed by applicant and advisor) For more information, please contact officer in Library(#65780)
  3. Login in the website http://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/ and finish defense application forms.
  • The committee shall consist of 3 to 5 members (for detailed information, please refer to “NCKU Rules and Regulations of Graduation Examination for Graduate Students”)
  1. The application date of the defense is due on Jan. 20th (Fall semester)/ July 20th (Spring semester). Please submit your application forms mentioned above 10 days before your defense with the signature of your adviser to the MSE office Ms. Lu.
  2. It takes time to deal with the paper work, so one will be informed if the works are done. (about 1 hour)
  3. The application forms shall be reviewed by different offices. The whole process may take about 1-2 hours.
  4. Return the stamped documents to MSE office.


During the Defense

  1. Collect the evaluation/grading forms.
  2. Collect the signature of the committee and the round trip ticket of the high-speed railway (if any).
  3. Keep miscellaneous expenses receipt/invoice.


After the Defense

  1. Submit evaluation/grading forms (mou2222), list of the committee, post office account and receipt, and certificate of approval(論文證明書mou2227) to office within 2 weeks after the defense.


Before Leaving

  1. The application to graduation from NCKU ends 1 week before the new semester begins.
  2. Login “Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Service”(http://etds.lib.ncku.edu.tw/html/), and upload the dissertation.
  3. Log in “Online Application System for Graduation from NCKU”(https://nckustory.ncku.edu.tw/~lou/leave/) and print.
  4. Return the instruments and properties to relevant offices, then submit the Application form for Graduation with a hard copy of dissertation to Mr. Fang (new building 2nd floor 44205), and to MSE Office for a Department Stamp after submitting originality comparison report.
  5. Submit another hard copy of dissertation to library and get the stamp from the required office.


*Master Degree: committee member who is not assistant professor nor in the approved list.

*Doctoral Degree: committee member who is not associate professor nor in the approved list.

Please submit "Application for Committee Member’s Qualification" to the department office before March 15 (Spring Semester)/October 15 (Fall Semester). 

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