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Title NCKU Program Transfer Regulations
Date 2020-03-19

第八條外國學生、僑生及持有身心障礙手冊或經中央衛生主管機關認定之身心功能障礙學生申請轉系者,依本辦法辦理。但如因分發不合志趣或其他特殊原因致無法在原系繼續就讀者,經校內輔導單位查實,得於第二學年 開始,依教務處公告日期提出申請。經原學系與擬轉入學系雙方系主任同意後,檢附轉入學系審查會議紀錄,專簽經教務長核准轉系。
Article 8 International students, overseas compatriot students, and those witha disability manual or with a disabled status certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare shall apply for program transfer according to these regulations. However, if these students are unable to continue their study in the current program owing to a lack of academic interest arising from their admission placement or other special reasons, which are found to be valid by an NCKU student counseling office, they are eligible to submit their applications for program transfer within the designated period publicized by the Office of Academic Affairs after the beginning of their second academic year. These applications shall be approved by both chairs of the current department and the transfer-in department before they are submitted with the minutes of the program-transfer review meeting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval. The approved quota of transfer students for these applicants shall be included in the designated quota of transfer students into the transfer-in class. (https://www.cc.ncku.edu.tw/rule/content.php?sn=116)


Please find attachment and submit to MSE office before April 30th.

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